• Problem-Solving Inspections
    for London, St. Thomas and surrounding area

    When something does not seem right, and before engaging a specialist, it might be time for an un-biased opinion.

    The focus of problem-solving inspections (also known as single-item inspections) are on issues or areas of concern raised by the homeowner. For example: plumbing & electrical issues, foundation or wall cracks, stains on the ceiling or walls, damp basements.

    We evaluate the general condition of the system(s) and related components that the homeowner has identified as a concern and try to narrow down on the possible causes of an issue. We can also recommend specialists if a more extensive investigation is needed.

    Any system(s) or related components under inspection will be inspected according to the relevant sections of the home inspection standard of practice.

    NOTE: these inspections are performed in a similar way to a home inspection, but they are NOT a full home inspection.

    Contact us today to discuss your area of concern to see if a home visit is required.

    Fees are based on an hourly rate of $100/hr. (HST included).

    About our home inspection service

    O’Brien Home Inspections will evaluate your home’s major systems — like the roof, foundation, plumbing, heating, and electrical. We encourage you to join us during the inspection and to ask questions as you go.

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    About our inspection report

    We will write a thorough and detailed inspection report addressing any issues. You will also get any recommended improvements or areas that will require immediate repair or maintenance.

    Read details of the inspection report.

    O'Brien Home Inspections offer high-quality, problem-solving inspections to customers in London, St. Thomas, Middlesex County, including Strathroy-Caradoc, Middlesex Centre, Thames Centre, North Middlesex, Southwest Middlesex, Lucan Biddulph and Adelaide Metcalfe. Oxford County including Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, Norwich, Zorra, South-West Oxford, Blandford-Blenheim, East Zorra-Tavistock. Elgin County including Central Elgin, Malahide, Aylmer, Bayham, West Elgin, Southwold, Dutton/Dunwich.

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